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College Boy Stalwart eBaum's World Bought For $17.5M
Since 2001, eBaum's World has been serving jokes, multimedia dirt and pranks, flash games and the like to boys. It shares the genre with sites like AlbinoBlackSheep and NewGrounds. Most of these are not 'real companies' but sites run by boys out of their parents homes that are cash machines running poor quality ads to millions of loyal visitors. Today San Francisco-based HandHeld Entertainment says it is acquiring Rochester, NY-based eBaum's World. HandHeld said it will pay $17.5M for eBaum's World ($15M in cash, $2.5M in stock, and $2.5M in stock with a one-year hold back.) The company also said that it may pay up to $32.5M in earnouts over three years to the owner's of eBaum's world.


Source: http://www.thealarmclock.com/mt/archives/2007/08/college_boy_sta.html

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