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Second Life Will Save Copyright
Businesses in Second Life are in an uproar over a rogue software program that duplicates "in world" items. They should be. But the havoc sewn by Copybot promises to transform the virtual word into a bold experiment in protecting creative work without the blunt instrument of copyright law.

French producer sues Google over 'Bush' film
The producer of "The World According to Bush" has taken legal action against Google for distributing the film for free, becoming the latest media company to seek compensation for lost business on the Internet.

YouTube Legal Woes Overblown?
Internet king Google could be in a perfect position to placate content providers with lucrative partnerships, avoiding lawsuits over copyright violations.Plus, the $200 million war chest Google has set aside just in case it's sued for violating copyright laws on uploaded content, particularly videos, likely will be more than enough to pay its legal costs, according to some industry analysts.

IBM Settles With Tech Workers
Computing behemoth IBM late Wednesday said it agreed to pay $65 million to settle a class action suit filed on behalf of technology workers who claimed they were denied overtime compensation. Armonk, New York-based IBM settled the claims in Rosenburg, et al. v. IBM. to avoid lengthy litigation.

Microsoft: Windows Vista is done
SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it has completed work on its long-delayed Windows Vista operating system and plans to release it to consumers January 30. The announcement means Microsoft is on track to meet its revised release schedule. Jim Allchin, co-president of the Microsoft division that includes Windows, said in a conference call that Windows Vista's code was released to begin manufacturing copies early Wednesday.

Microsoft vs Google Heats Up
I know, a predictable (almost tabloid-y) blog headline. But in this case, there really is some interesting back and forth going on between Microsoft and Google currently - especially with regards to office software. Firstly Google CEO Eric Schmidt wrote an article for The Economist, in which he takes aim at Microsoft with this...

The most used camera among Flickr users is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
The most used camera among Flickr users is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT , according to new statistics tracking camera usage released by the company. Flickr determines the most popular cameras based on data automatically included with most digital cameras today. The most popular "point and shoot" camera is the Canon Powershot SD400 , and camera phone is the Sony Ericsson K750i .

Google to Search for Video Search
Google did some heavy--lifting this week by paying $1.65 billion for YouTube. But now the real work begins. The Internet king needs to find new technologies to improve its video search and spur video advertising on its sites. Analysts say Google can develop or license technologies, or acquire companies that create them. A combination of all three is also possible--good news for companies, mostly startups, in the space.

Internal memo hints of management turmoil at Yahoo.
Brad Garlinghouse's now-infamous "Peanut Butter Manifesto" might have been billed as a battle cry to rally Yahoo's demoralized troops, but some observers say the four-page document from the Internet giant's senior vice president hints of an internal power struggle that could topple CEO Terry Semel.

Is Google worth its weight in gold?
As Google's share price neared $500 Thursday, analysts were unfazed by the fact that the search king's market capitalization is greater than its three biggest Internet rivals combined and about double that of media companies Walt Disney and Time Warner.

Google Hurdles over $500
Google shares surpassed the $500 mark on Tuesday as the search king captured 45.4 percent of the search market in the United States . Google shares hit a high of $505.72 in morning trading, up $10.68 from Monday's close of $495.05. Part of the reason for that news was new data from comScore Networks showing that Google led the pack in the U.S. search market, rising from 45.1 percent in September to 45.4 percent in October.

AboutUs.org lands $1M
Portland, Oregon based AboutUs announced this week that it has closed a Series A round of funding and raised $1 million.

BubbleShare bought by News Corp
Today Techcrunch reported that the Toronto-based photo sharing site BubbleShare , which they've followed since its December 2005 launch, has been involved in aquisition talks with News Corp., the parent company to MySpace, according to a source close to the deal. News Corp. would not comment on the rumor.

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