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Yahoo China President Resigns
Yahoo China President Xie Wen resigned his position after only 40 days in office, amid rumors that Yahoo headquarters disapproved of his plans to take the site in a Web 2.0 direction. Jack Ma, chief executive of Alibaba.com, which took control of Yahoo China in October 2005, announced Mr. Xie's departure on Monday evening.

Second Life creates first millionaire
Anshe Chung, a real-estate tycoon in the digitally simulated world known as Second Life, has apparently become the first virtual millionaire--i.e., someone whose holdings in a make-believe world are legally convertible into genuine U.S. currency worth more than $1 million.

Gates: West not supplying enough IT talent
A shortage of information technology graduates from Western universities is leading companies to call on developing countries to meet research demand, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said on Tuesday.

YouTube vs TV
YouTube and other online video sites are stealing viewers away from TV in the UK, according to a report by the BBC today.

YouTube Mobile Is Go - Available Next Month
We've been hearing plenty of buzz around YouTube Mobile over the last few weeks. In early November, Mashable reported that talks between Verizon and YouTube were in an 'advanced stage' - now we have a deal, with YouTube set to announce today or tomorrow an agreement that delivers clips through Verizon's V Cast service.

WAYN Gets $11M for 'MySpace of Travel'
WAYN , a UK-based site that claims to be the world's largest travel and lifestyle social network, announced today that they've raised $11 million in Series A funding from a group of investors led by Esprit Capital Partners.

ViTrue: User Generated Ad Video Gets New Investors
User-generated video sharing site ViTrue, Inc. has come some reputable new investors, including Ron Conway, one of the original investors in Google...

LinkedWords.com Decided to Remain Private
EXIM Internet Group Inc. ( EXGN - news ) , operator of B2B web properties and LinkedWords.com, a large-scale and rapidly growing contextual platform changed their strategic options announced earlier this year. The license agreement announced in May 2006 has changed over time and under the most recent deal terms EXIM was pursuing a 20% equity stake in LinkedWords.com plus an exclusive license to operate the site in return for 70% of its stock plus $5M equally payable over the next 5 years to the owners of LinkedWords.com.

Barron's: Google shares set for fall
Google shares, which topped a milestone price of $500 a share last week, are overvalued and poised to fall, just like peers Amazon.com and eBay did, the weekly financial newspaper Barron's reported Sunday.

MySpace Attack Highlights Firefox Flaw
We reported back in October that a phishing attack had hit MySpace , creating fake login forms that looked like the real thing. These appeared on 3000 profile pages, according to Mashable Labs.

Will Google be overwhelmed by YouTube suits? It's likely to strike deals.
Internet king Google could be in a perfect position to placate content providers with lucrative partnerships, avoiding lawsuits over copyright violations. Plus, the $200 million war chest Google has set aside just in case it's sued for violating copyright laws on uploaded content, particularly videos, likely will be more than enough to pay its legal costs, according to some industry analysts.

Microsoft says Office unfazed by Google threat
One of the two new heads of Microsoft's Office software team downplayed the threat from Google's Web-based word-processing and spreadsheet applications, saying they are unlikely to appeal to corporate customers.

The Six Biggest New Ideas In Chat
Instant messaging has become a part of daily life on the web. I use several different services depending on what I want to do and who I want to talk to. AIM is great for keeping in touch with old friends, Meebo or eBuddy for signing on anywhere, and Skype for business interactions. I use these different services because of their strengths in certain key features. Companies like Meebo , Skype , Wablet , and AOL-acquired Userplane are pushing these features forward with the next generation of instant messaging on the web.

Buy.com adopting Google Checkout
Buy.com, the large online retailer that is seemingly in a constant fight with Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) to sell just a little bit of everything under the sun, has been the most aggressive supporter I've seen yet for Google, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google Checkout payment system.

Akamai Loads Up On Software
Akamai Technologies , which dominates the Web content delivery market, said Monday it has acquired media-focused software company Nine Systems for about $160 million in cash and stock. Akamai's shares closed Monday at $50.37, up 2.27%.

Not Everyone Loves MySpace
At a time when most music artists are embracing MySpace as an extension of their marketing plan, Jay-Z wasn't too delighted that MySpace served its site members a sneak preview of his entire new album last week. Kingdom Come , the artist's first album, since retiring three years ago, went on sale yesterday. On Friday, Jay-Z's record label, Universal Music Group, filed its lawsuit against MySpace.

Google (GOOG) buys a lot of hard drives.
Google (GOOG) buys a lot of hard drives. Consider that every time you do a search, Google stores information about things such as what you searched for, at what time, and how long it took you to find it. Increasingly in the Web 2.0 age, service providers also store our e-mail, documents, spreadsheets, Web pages, books, music, video and more.

New Artificial Intelligence & Web 2.0 Developments Change The Techology Career Marketplace
Staff It Now, an innovative job sourcing and job marketing solution, has created an unique artificial intelligence program. This program, when combined with blogging and other Web 2.0 developments, will enable technology-based employers and better qualified candidates to effectively find each other.

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