Web 2.0 Money, launched back in 2006, is a technology and business blog, which is an initiative of Web 2.0 Innovations aimed to discover, report and analyze the web 2.0 innovations as well as the money and the business behind them. We started from some of the earliest funding deals we know about as discovered by us at the following web addresses through out the past years:

We do believe there is a significant correlation between the web 2.0 industry at all and the money within. Although the vast majority of the great web 2.0 innovations that took place over the past years were either funded or acquired we still see a pretty large number of web 2.0 innovative projects, start-ups and companies with little to no money allocated to them.

We are basically gathering our information from what is publicly available online or from what the respective companies have submitted as PR materials or any other sort of information to us. Basically web2innovations.com is reaching no large audience despite it is believed to be industry savvy. Our readers range from PR specialists, technology visionaries and evangelists to entrepreneurs and we guess VCs as well. Let’s put it that way: the companies we have written about or mentioned in one way or another so far are for sure among the readers on our blog 🙂

We started back in late 2006 by discovering, tracking and ranking web 2.0 innovations, inventions, concepts, ideas and beyond, We were at that time applying 75 different criteria to rank web 2.0 projects, ventures and companies based on which the overall web 2.0 ranking is given, amongst which are innovativeness, of course, uniqueness, effectiveness, potential for enormous growth, huge web properties, disruptor, web 2.0 concept and technologies, popularity, buzz and beyond.

On our blog web2innovations.com/money we are regularly researching on web 2.0 issues, deals, concepts and companies and providing to the public different analyses, commentaries and thoughts on the trends, events, money and happenings within the so called web 2.0 sector.

Authors at web2innovations.com are Internet entrepreneurs themselves, IT experts and PR people. We also accept guess authors and web 2.0 / tech news and press releases as well.

While one of the authors is serial Internet entrepreneur himself and is deeply involved within the web 2.0 sector since years being the founder of one of the most popular web 2.0 companies during the peak of the sector back in 2006-2008 and another is IT professional with vast experience on Web since 1995 and there are also PR people writing for web2innovations as well we prefer to write under the common name of “web 2.0 innovations” as author and reveal no real names publicly for now, expect for the guess authors whenever they are willing to have their names associated with the posts.

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Submit general press release via EPR Network or submit your tech / web 2.0 related news over Web 2.0 Innovations.

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The Money & Business Behind the Web 2.0 Innovations