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Bitrix’s all new Intranet Portal 8.0 – Collaborate, Communicate and Socialize

Bitrix Inc., an enterprise 2.0 software company that develops portal solutions for businesses, announced the all new Bitrix Intranet Portal 8.0 – designed to revolutionize online collaboration.

“The new version of the product embodies the principles of Enterprise 2.0. We call them “Three Cs” – Collaboration, Communication and Corporate Culture. The perfect integration with MS Office Outlook, built-in instant messaging server, collaboration tools and personal dashboard – they all allow companies to improve business efficiency and enhance decision making.” said Sergey Rizhikov, CEO of Bitrix, Inc.

The Bitrix Intranet Portal 8.0 is a real breakthrough in Enterprise 2.0 solutions. For the first time in IT history, the unique instant messaging server, XMPP/JABBER, has been built right into an Intranet Portal. All you need is to install one of widespread clients for JABBER – Miranda IM, Trillian Pro, Adium or any other, depending on your operating system (Windows, MAC, or UNIX). Connecting through your mobile device also just got easier. Any handset will get along and all you need to do it to synchronize your handset with the portal. Once you are logged in you can see who all are online, chat with colleagues, share files with them and even set your mood status.

Two-way integration with MS Office Outlook – Bitrix Intranet Portal has complete, two-way synchronization with Microsoft Outlook contacts, calendar (appointments) and tasks. Now you don’t need to flip between screens to keep track of your meetings. You can add events to the Outlook calendar and your personal portal calendar will be automatically u p d a t e d.

Booking a meeting room – Bitrix Intranet Portal 8.0 allows you to see which rooms are available and when, streamline and manage scheduling processes in real-time, request equipment or setup services at the time of booking. It’s a dream come true for anyone who schedules meetings — and anyone who has to attend them.

Personal dashboard – Bitrix Intranet Portal 8.0 allows you to customize the layout of the main and personal user page according to your personal preferences. You can modify the look and feel of the portal page by including different columns such as events, working groups, company news and RSS-feed information about weather, traffic, etc. A few clicks and your personal portal is ready!

Proactive Protection – build in Proactive Protection Module is a robust combination of proactive filter (Web Application Firewall), disposable passwords, fast and effective anti-malware, protection of authorized sessions, activity control, intrusion log, Control Panel page access blocking by IP, Stop List and integrity control tools to defend against the majority of Internet risks.

Check out the Bitrix Intranet Portal 8.0 today with a 30 day trial offer: http://www.bitrixsoft.com/products/intranet/demo.php#tab-trial-link 

You can even test a live system – just visit our virtual lab: http://www.bitrixsoft.com/products/intranet/demo.php 

Bitrix Intranet Portal 8.0: http://www.bitrixsoft.com/products/intranet/index.php#tab-ver8-link 

Proactive Protection Module: http://www.bitrixsoft.com/products/cms/features/proactive.php


About Bitrix

Bitrix, Inc. specializes in the development of content management systems and portal solutions formanaging web projects and multifunctional information systems on the Internet. Bitrix specialists, by their considerable efforts and skill, developed the Bitrix Site Manager software—a standalone application that provides complex web solutions. This software tech-corp was established in 1998 by a group of IT specialists. Bitrix continues to hold a leading position in the web development market, always offering high-standard solutions to its clients and partners.

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It seems eXpresso is having more competition than we thought

A couple of days ago when we wrote about a tiny start-up that raised venture capital for an online collaboration tool built around Microsoft Excel we did not fully realize how crowded the market is. Today Mashable has put up a very nice and comprehensive list of all things spreadsheet – or in other words 14 online spreadsheet applications, eXpresso among them. Nice thumbnails are taken on any of the sites below and can be seen on Mashable

BadBlue.com – Features free personal accounts or paid enterprise class services for sharing Excel spreadsheets over the web.

Blist.com – Still in private beta, and here is the Mashable’s detailed write-up on what you can expect from this new spreadsheet app.

EditGrid.com – You can upload your existing spreadsheets, start new ones, and share & collaborate with friends and colleague.

Google Docs – No list of online spreadsheet apps would be complete without the ubiquitous mention of Google Docs. It feels, and looks, a lot like Microsoft Excel and is easily shareable with others.

InputWebWizard.com – Works your spreadsheets with a database so all of your data is stored in a SQL database. System is set to help you develop web apps, but still seems a bit pricey at $499 a month.

JotSpot – Import and Export with Excel, copy-and-paste from Excel, share the documents, even use hyperlinks and attach files.

Numbler.com – A plain, straightforward, collaborative spreadsheet application.

NumSum.com – A more social spreadsheet app where you can leave your work totally open if you choose and allow others to comment on it.

Peepel.com – Import your Excel spreadsheets, work with multiple documents in the same browser window, get an RSS feed of the latest changes to collaborative documents and more.

Sheetster.com – Has the normal online spreadsheet features such as collaboration, but also offers blog embedding options.

Simple Spreadsheet – An open source project that is part of the Simple Groupware Solutions project. Free to use and 100% web based.

ThinkFreeDocs.com – For now, you can not edit uploaded spreadsheets via the site, but they are working on it. Upload what you have and share it.

Zoho Sheet – Part of the Zoho suite of online office applications, Sheet will allow you to import and export with Excel, collaborate with others, and even do quick “throwaway” sheets if you just need to scratch something out.