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Keepit.com Recognised By Industry Experts As Setting New Usability Standards For Online Backup

Award-winning online backup specialist, Keepit.com, is officially commended by influential industry experts, Backupreview.info and Komputer for alle, highlighting that they are leading the field.

keepit logoLeading Scandinavian PC magazine, Komputer for alle, conducted a rigorous and extensive test of 8 different vendors of online backup services such as Keepit.com, Mozy and ADrive and awarded the winning spot to Keepit.com, stating:

“We are impressed about the simplicity and uncomplicated structure which Keepit has been able to design. Such simple programmes are often synonymous with extremely basic products. This is not the case with Keepit. Time has been used on the graphics and you are guided all the way through.” (Komputer for alle, July 2008)

With a core mantra at Keepit.com of, “Backup via the Internet is for everybody”, the company delivers a user friendly online backup solution that sweeps away all competing solutions. The recognized industry web site Backupreview.info which provides news and reviews about online backup predicts a bright future for Keepit.com due to outstanding simplicity and top-notch security.

Backupreview commented, “Keepit excels in simplicity without compromises on security and safety. Keepit shows the way to provide simple and secure backup for the non-technical user. Keepit has just launched its North American operations, and it is ready to play a challenging competitor role against the major players in the online backup industry. Keepit’s future looks very promising. We highly recommend Keepit.”

With a carefully planned expansive partner strategy Keepit.com is extending the reach into new markets at rapid speeds. Although there are several providers of online backup, only Keepit.com has accomplished to deliver a solution that hits the sweet spot between pricing, usability and security – and customers and partners alike want it for these qualities.

Keepit.com might be a new service in online backup, but it is far from a start-up.Keepit.com is backed by successful hosting company Cohaesio providing more than 10 years of experience in hosting, storage and infrastructure.

Extensive research shows the market for online backup services is relatively un-tapped and there is a real need for secure, simple and automatic online backups. Keepit.com has developed the entire solution in close relationship with IBM based on their market leading enterprise backup technology Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).

“We are proud to win in a very strong international market due to simplicity and security. But we have no intention to stop here. We run a very close dialogue with our customers who are extremely helpful in providing feedback to make Keepit.com an even better solution”, said Kresten Bach Søndergaard, Product Manager at Keepit.com.

Keepit.com offers both a free version and Keepit UNLIMITED paid versions to consumers to store important or personal data such as documents or digital photos.

About Keepit.com:Keepit.com is a simple and automatic every day backup service, providing high security, low costs and ease of use, to ensure everybody can secure their digital photos and other important information. Rooted in Scandinavia it is the ambition of Keepit.com to be one of the leading providers of online backup services by 2009. Keepit.com is backed by hosting company Cohaesio A/S – the company behind webhosting success Surftown.com.

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