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NetAudioAds kicks off with… spam

A new initiative launched by V2P Communications, a San Diego company, named NetAudioAds is taking clearly wrong PR approach by spamming web site owners and administrators around Web with unsolicited emails and trying to convince them to join their network.

A small army of third party brokers or affiliate workers are sending mass mailing around Web from third party web sites with domain names not associated with or having nothing in common with the main company, and trying to get new web publishers signed up for the service.

I have no idea who is planning the PR campaign of NetAudioAds but this is totally wrong road to take. Their web sites looks and feels somehow like from the nineties with low quality images and poor design and on top of this the site uses boostful marketing language style like those get-rich-quick scheme scammers that we are all fed up with. Their official site that does rank for their official name does not even use NetAudioAds in the page title and is extremely hard to find on Web, which additionally leaves the potential web publishers with the feeling of something fishy. But this is not the worst. Apparently the marketing people at NetAudioAds came up with the genial idea to hire people from all over Web who are using third party web sites to proclaim their services by sending pure spam messages to, probably, sites that they believe are trafficked enough trying to enroll them for the service. When you decide to follow up on these emails you are given with no official site to read more who these people are after all, but you are provided with a funny brand new web site with strange name put up overnight with a page for you to sign your company up with.

To make things even worse those third party people try everything possible to cover up the original site so that you get your site signed up with their, obviously, affiliate site that is being registered just 2 days before the email hit your inbox. Wrong strategy, poor public communications and I see no way for V2P Communications, the company behind NetAudioAds, getting any positive results out of this PR mess.

The service itself is said to launch somewhere during February 2008 and the PR and marketing mess seems to be total. San Diego-based V2P Communications is planning to offer five-to-eight-second audio ads, called NetAudioAds that will automatically play when a visitor lands on a blog or Web site.

The claim is: Using V2P Communications’ coming audio ads, which will pay blog publishers a 25% commission on ad revenue, a site that gets 2,000 unique visitors a day with an advertiser paying $14 per 1,000 plays would earn $7 a day, or $49 a week.

Blog publishers get a 25% cut of the ad revenue. About 25,000 publishers have signed up so far, says Michael Knox, V2P’s co-founder, and several large companies and 2008 presidential campaigns have expressed interest in becoming advertisers through the service.

To make things look even worse, different affiliate sites around Web are claiming from completely out of sense and logic numbers of the web publishers already enrolled to the service to the ridiculous claims that their company will deliver better results than Google AdSense.

For example, and for those of you that do not know yet, Google has paid over $3.5B to web publishers just in the first three quarters of 2007 alone. 

Aside, there seems to be little to no coordination in the claims of the different web sites that try to proclaim the NetAudioAds on Web.

What self respecting web publisher takes only 25% of ad revenue to annoy all of their visitors and readers with audio ads? And how do you keep up your momentum and page views if you annoy everyone who comes across your site?

If the idea wasn’t bad enough, the company behind this ad network is talking to the media to pump their product while…

a blogspot hate site ranks #1 for their official name
their official site that does rank for their official name does not even use NetAudioAds in the page title
they bid on AdWords their core brand name but they are not even bidding on alternate version of their name like Net Audio Ads

 More About V2P Communications

V2P Communications is a Nevada C-Corporation that was established in 2005. V2P Communications Inc. is an Internet web-based company that was constructed to capture opportunities arising from new Internet technology, emerging online markets and ever-changing trends of Internet users.

V2P Communications Inc. has two main Internet audio websites; Voice2Page.com and NetAudioAds.com. The Voice2Page website’s primary purpose is to distribute and sell Record-by-Phone Internet audio monthly subscription services, while the NetAudioAds site places Internet Audio Advertising strategically across the Internet.

We are an Internet-based communications company. The Company’s primary focus is introducing innovative Internet Audio Services to the general public.

How does a network that offer advertising and marketing solutions for others do such a bad job marketing their own products?

I do not want to sound negative but this is not going to work things out for V2P Communications and unless they change their entire PR strategy the chances for them to get buzz quickly is higher but with very negative sign.